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Why do we use it?

Nowadays, in workplaces, you need digital skills to be a professional. In fact, 2.7 million jobs are at risk if you don’t learn digital skills. Moreover, digital skills are required in several industries, including agriculture, aviation, business services, financial services, property services, and many more.

You’d be surprised to know that the Australian government is committing at least $2.8 million so that Skill Finder can build digital skills with online courses. Moreover, as freshers, you need some digital skills to secure employment. You might wonder what digital skills you should have handy, isn’t it?

This blog will help you understand the digital skills you need to have to ensure your employability.

Top 8 Digital Skills

Modernisation and the gung-ho spirit to digitise the world and streamline workflow and supply chains have made digital skills necessary. Whatever academic course you pursue, you must invest time and effort in learning some of the skills mentioned below. That will increase your employability and make you more professional.

Here are the top 8 digital skills that you must have handy:

1. Social Media

There are over 21.45 million social media users in Australia. Moreover, this amount is growing day by day and will only continue to grow. Increasingly, social media has become the go-to for promoting products, services, and businesses. Furthermore, social media helps in building brand awareness and expands influence.

2. Data Analysis

Data analytics is another skill that is in demand. That is because data-driven precision marketing is the key to business success. For instance, using data to create targeted marketing campaigns can drive conversions, revenue, and sales.

Moreover, data analytics enables you to measure your marketing campaigns, investments, and business operations. So, learning a data analytics course can help you be an asset.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the way to market products and services in today’s day and age. That requires skills like Search Engine Optimisation, Social media Optimisation, Content marketing, and more. You need to know how the digital marketing sphere works to increase your chance of getting employability.

Moreover, digital marketing is gaining more traction with companies trying to cut costs in traditional marketing methods. So, it is essential to gain skills in the digital marketing field.

4. Digital Design

Digital design involves creating a user interface and dynamic user experiences. It is done using web development software, application design services, and graphic design software. Be it marketing, analysing social media, sales, product development, or more, having a keen eye for digital design is a must.

Moreover, you must be familiar with at least one software like Photoshop to edit photos and create logos and icons swiftly to increase your employability.

5. Researching Online

One of the basic digital skills is to research online safely. You need to be able to identify genuine sources of information and ensure you avoid using fake, misleading, or false information. The skill to vet the information is necessary for today’s environment. It is what will increase your employability.

Moreover, you should be able to navigate search engines efficiently, understand online content, and have critical thinking skills to evaluate information seamlessly. Moreover, you must have the patience to read several pages of content to get accurate, reliable, trustworthy, and credible information.

6. Using Cloud-Based Tools Safely

You should know how to use cloud-based tools like google docs, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and more safely. It is a crucial skill that enables you to work effectively as a team and increases efficiency. Moreover, hybrid and remote working spaces have become the need of the hour to access work files from home.

Furthermore, as cloud-based tools offer easier collaboration, they offer business continuity and flexibility and enable you to scale your business. That’s why having these skills is essential to gaining employment.

7. Managing Your Schedule with an Online Calendar

You should learn to use products like Calendly, Google Calendar, and other online calendar tools to manage your schedule effectively. An added advantage is if you can manage the schedule of others as well. It will add to your leadership skills and enable you to motivate others to maintain punctuality.

8. Understanding Data and Ethics

It is also essential to understand data and ethics in the digital world. You need to be aware that plagiarism is a big no and ensure you don’t steal content that is available online. It also means that you should be well-versed in copyright laws, licensing systems, and open educational resources.

Additionally, you must seek consent before using anybody’s data and ensure ethics in everything you do in the digital world.


Digitilisation and modernisation are the names of the game today. Several jobs are getting replaced by AI. To be relevant and in tune with time, you need to ensure you sharpen your digital skills.

Knowing digital designing, data analytics, cloud-based tools, managing schedules with online calendars, and social media skills is important. Digital skills are what make or break a company in today’s economy. If you have digital skills, your employability increases, and you can be an asset to businesses looking to scale.

So, learn digital skills from online platforms and certify yourself appropriately.

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