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Welcome to the Micro-Campus

Micro-credentials are a quicker and cheaper way to improve your resume

The latest generation of young adults pursuing higher education recognise the diverse roles they’ll need to master for their careers. Easy access to information makes them savvier in discovering which skills attract potential employers. They want micro-credentials in those skills to augment their university degrees and make them more competitive in the job market.

Career professionals who kept their jobs are discovering that they’re overspecialised in their fields. Staying relevant means that they continue professional development through micro-credentialing. Boot camps and mini-courses create opportunities for development without sacrificing the time needed to do their day jobs.

Other skilled professionals looking for work need another degree. Unfortunately, they can’t afford to put their lives on hold for two or three years to do it. Micro-credentials are an excellent alternative to get upskilled. They’re also great for highlighting the skills they’ve already mastered (often referred to as recognition of prior learning).

  • What are micro-credentials?
    Essentially, micro-credentials are a assessment-based record of focused learning achievement verifying what the learner knows, understands and or can do. Being delivered as “bite-sized” chunks, they have stand-alone value and may also contribute to or complement other micro-credentials or macro-credentials.
  • What value do micro-credentials provide?
    The benefits are as varied as the names given to them – micro-certifications, nano degrees, web badges and digital badges among others. No matter what you call them, micro-credentials are valued because they develop workplace capabilities that enhance employability and career progression.
  • What are digital badges?
    The digital badge is a visual representation of the achievement gained from the micro-credential. It’s not just a pretty picture, though. It contains metadata on the learner, the badge issuer, the criteria to earn it and the evidence that the criteria have been fulfilled.
  • Why are micro-credentials and digital badges important?
    Micro-credentialing aligns with the needs of industries and sub-industries. It uses an informal learning style to shape specific skills in the quickest way possible. The digital badges provide personal, portable and easily verifiable accreditation.
  • What do employees gain from micro-credentials?
    Micro-credentials allow employees to personalise their learning, as they can select short-form micro-credentials tailored to their career goals and responsibilities. They’ll also be better prepared to move up or change jobs during their career and can evidence 21st century skills.
  • What do employers gain from micro-credentials?
    Most of the benefits to an employer lie in strategic training decisions. Micro-credentialing allows flexibility and scalability in developing training programs. HR can also leverage micro-credentials to measure and track enterprise-level skills and knowledge.

Short on time but still in need of quick skills to get ahead at your job?

Our Micro-skills fit perfectly into your busy schedule, taking around 30 mins to complete. Learn in-demand skills such as:

-Critical Thinking

-Customer Service

-WHS Essentials

-Collaboration skills

-Digital Literacy

-Workplace writing

-Digital Marketing

-Cyber Security

-Leadership skills

How are your skills different to LinkedIn Learning and Udemy?

My Skills are deconstructed accredited units of competence, so you can choose to learn specific skills. These micro-skills stack up and are direct pathways to obtaining full Statements of Attainment and even full Qualifications.

Ohh.. a Subscription Box... what goodies will I get?

Who doesn’t love freebies in the mail right! Each month our themed Subscription Box will be mailed directly to your home. 

You will receive a copy of the Career Hack plus other titles such as Boost your online sales, Social Media made simple, The Influential leader, and more. Plus, you can expect weekly and monthly planners, job search guides, a copy of Be the Change magazine, stationery, and a few other surprises.

Plus… My Skills will donate $1 from every subscription sold to OZHARVEST