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The world of work has changed vocational learning must change too

Today’s jobs market is candidate-driven. Wages are up, unemployment is down and you have the luxury of being selective in who you want to work for. You can negotiate to work remotely, and set your own hours; it’s the employer’s turn to have to find new ways to attract and retain talent. 

Did you know that when a person trains or works in 1 job, actually acquire the skills for 13 other jobs? Only 6% of adults end up in the career they wanted to be in when they were at school. The average Australian will change employers 17 times across 5 different industries throughout their working life.*

This is exciting for business owners, as the workforce will see a fluid motion of fresh perspectives. Teams will come together with more lateral skills, as candidates realise how portable their skills really are.


"The portability of skills has important implications for how we think about our careers and provide career education. "

Student prospectus

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It’s time for a change

Sick of feeling STUCK in a dead-end job you hate, working for a company you’re ashamed of…?

The new workplace is human-centred and based on teamwork and continuous upskilling. But who has time to work during the day and balance family and social life after hours? Let me guess, your boss probably expects you to do workplace training off the clock right? If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that our time with friends and family is super important to maintaining a sense of connection and feeling good about our lives.

My Skills learning pathways allows you to select and be in control of what you study and when you do it.

  • self-paced – means you can learn at your own pace
  • designed by you – so you are in control of your skills
  • available via smartphone and tablet
  • mix and match bespoke skilling – only the essential skills, no boring bits


My Skills is giving the power back to you to choose your own pathway. Sick of seeing your friends earning more money? Tired of being stuck indoors all day? Dreaming of the freedom to start your own business and work from anywhere?

Imagine being able to design your skill set, take control of what you do and create own own adventure!

This story is 100% true!

I like to give my own team freedom.  Create their own projects, and design things their way. I am not a micro-manager. I have a team that is a mixture of ages, and stages in life. Mums, Millenials, Gen Z’s, Grandparents, Single parents, and Indigenous team members.

I have mums working full time from home, Millenials and Gen Z’s who work remotely some days, and are office based on others.

I give my team opportunities to develop different skills to use now and in future roles. Our team works so well because each team member is valued and supported.

As a CEO, what I look for when hiring staff is a positive outlook and the ability to work together. I know that the average employee changes jobs around every 18 months to 2 years. To support this, I cross-train my team and upskill them regularly.

I also work a few days per week remotely, and as my job requires me to travel often, I work from anywhere, hotels, cafes even Mcdonald’s when I need to. By embracing tools such as Google Drive, Zoom, and Teams, I can be accessed whenever and wherever my team needs me to be. 

I have even been known to work poolside with a cocktail in hand!

Imagine creating a work-life balance for yourself, just like this! 

Simone Rennocks, CEO My Skills Australia

Learning designed by you...

MySkills has designed and developed our courses in partnership with Australian entrepreneurs and business owners.

We know what employers want.

As well as practical, technical skills our courses will also teach you vital workplace skills that will carry your career far beyond entry-level positions.

Marketing and Communications

Current and up-to-date digital marketing skills that make you more attractive to employers.
Feel confident and competent about landing your next career move.

Information Technology

Gain skills to collaborate online, create powerful web pages, give fantastic remote assistance, and lead remote team so you can adapt quickly and thrive in your new role.

Leadership and Management

Take your career to the next level with transferable modern workplace skills such as advanced customer service strategies and intrapreneurship.

Community Services

Take your career to the next level with skills to provide best practice individual support, advocating for clients including families, and the elderly.

Work Health and Safety

Take your career to the next level with skills to provide best practice risk management, continous improvement and lead through distruptive events.

What To Do Next

Getting started is easy…

Step 1


Check your eligibility for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT).

You may also be eligible for government funding or a fee-free scholarship.

Step 2


Study in the classroom, the workplace or online.

Learn at your own pace. From 3 months to 12 months.

Step 3


Use the MySkills Australia student portal to attain micro-credentials that reinforce your skills and knowledge.

Connect with recruiters & employers searching for people with your skills and talent.

Land an exciting new job or career in with a company you're proud to work for

MySkills is the only accredited certification in Australia that teaches the skills employers are looking for