ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology

Course Descriptor Course Code: ICT40120
Course Title: Certificate IV in Information Technology
7 Core Units + 13 Electives
Duration Min 6 months - 12 months.
Course Details Upon successful completion student will be awarded a Certificate IV in Information Technology
Delivery Method Virtual Class Room and Online Self Paced
Cost Full Fee $5995

NSW Concession Eligible $240
NSW First Qualification $1980

Skilling South Australia $3995
South Australian JobTrainer $1995

You may be eligible for a Fee-Free Course
New Entrants to the work force may be eligible for a Fee-Free Traineeship
Funding Option available NSW smart & skilled

The new Information Technology Qualification is a super flexible course. It allows you to complete the core units and then break off into a specialty area such as:

  • – Administration Support
  • – Gaming Development
  • – Web Development
  • – Database Development
  • – Programing

Students can also select elective units from the Marketing and Communications course and exit this qualification with a Digital Media Portfolio.

A Game Developer is a Software Developer who specialises in creating computer or video games. Game Developers may focus on one or more platforms (such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or PC), or specialise in mobile or handheld game development. They may specialise further in a particular aspect of game development, such as programming the game’s Artificial Intelligence or virtual landscapes. Game Developers interact with computers daily, and have strong knowledge of computer programming, as well as sound and visual design, and 2D and 3D animation.

A Web Developer is a Software Developer who specialises in the development of websites and other web-based content. They commonly work with programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Java and JavaScript. Many Web Developers specialise in either Front End (user-facing) or Back End (server-side) development, or may be proficient in both, which is known as a Full Stack Developer.


Course Contents may include:

  • – Analysing project requirements and designing solutions and features.
  • – Creating wireframes and virtual prototypes to illustrate project specifics.
  • – Using computer software and hardware to write and modify programming code.
  • – Testing code for bugs and implementing improvements and fixes.
  • – Developing testing and validation processes.
  • – Deploying code to the live environment.
  • – Backing up website to mitigate risk in event of disaster or online attacks.
  • – Controlling and enforcing ongoing security and safe hosting of websites through testing processes and liaising with other technical professionals such as web-security experts.
  • – Using computer software and hardware to write and modify programming code to create game framework and individual elements.
  • – Utilising creative thought to design new elements or products.
  • – Modifying and documenting the program code to correct errors.
  • – Testing specific elements or products and implementing improvements.
  • – Solving problems using logic and methodical testing processes.


Core units:

BSBCRT404 Apply advanced critical thinking to work processes

BSBXCS404 Contribute to cyber security risk management

ICTICT426 Identify and evaluate emerging technologies and practices

ICTICT443 Work collaboratively in the ICT industry

ICTICT451 Comply with IP, ethics and privacy policies in ICT environments

ICTPRG302 Apply introductory programming techniques

ICTSAS432 Identify and resolve client ICT problems


Students have a variety of methods to access this course.

Students can pay for course up front, may be eligible for Government Funding or New Entrants to the work force may be eligible for a traineeship.

This qualification is offered via:

  • Class room based
  • Workplace
  • Online
  • A combination of methods
  • – Competent in spoken and written English
  • – Successful completion of an LLN review prior to commencement
  • – At least 18 years of age*
  • – Access to a PC/laptop or similar, email address, internet

On successful completion students will receive a qualification which is recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Our trainers are selected for their industry experience, practical skills and knowledge, as well as passion for life, people and learning. The professionalism of our trainers provides clients with the reassurance that their service and delivery expectations will be met. Trainers utilize innovative online training techniques through which participants are able to transfer the theoretical and practical knowledge they have gained to their workplaces.

Payment Options:

  1. Upfront payment of $1500
  2. Balance in 4 instalments of $1500 each
  3. Government Funded to Eligible Students
  4. Traineeship

No refund or cancellation is available for online courses.

Discretion may be exercised by the Chief Executive Officer in all situations, if the student can demonstrate that extenuating or significant personal circumstance led to their withdrawal. In these cases, the student should be offered a full credit toward the tuition fee in another scheduled program in-lue of a refund. Chief Executive Officer may also authorise a refund of tuition fees if the circumstances require it.

Where refunds are approved, the refund payment must be paid to the student within 14 days from the time the student gave written notice to cancel their enrolment. Tuition refunds are to be paid via electronic funds transfer using the authorised bank account nominated by the student on the Refund Request Form.

If for any reason MySkills is unable to fulfil its service agreement with a student, MySkills must issue a full refund for any services not provided. The basis for determining “services not provided” is to be based on the units of competency completed by the student and which can be issued in a statement of attainment at the time the service is terminated.

MySkills takes the privacy of students very seriously and complies with all legislative requirements. These include the Privacy Act 1988 and National Privacy Principles (2008).

Assessment Methods: Q&A, Case Study, Group Work, Observation, Role Play & Practical Tasks

  • – Complete the required training and the assessment requirements
  • – Have you studied a related course? Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • – Are you currently working in a related industry? Apply for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

Credit transfer is the recognition of learning achieved through formal education and training. Under the Australian VET Framework, qualifications and statements of attainment issued by any RTO are to be accepted and recognised by all other RTOs. Credit transfer allows a student to be awarded a unit of competency based on successful completion of the unit which has been previously awarded.

For more information ask about see our Credit Transfer Policy. To apply for Credit Transfer, fill out the Credit Transfer Application form available on our website and attach certified copies of the evidence you have (e.g. Statement of Attainment or Certificate) to show you have completed the unit.

MySkills is committed to the concept of lifelong learning, i.e. the ability of a person to be able to continually build on their own knowledge through formal and workplace learning throughout their lifetime. MySkills is pleased to be able to offer a service whereby we can have professional staff determine existing formally (and sometimes informally) learned knowledge in a particular area.

This process is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Once your existing learning has been determined you are on your way to increasing your knowledge without having to re-learn what you already know.

MySkills courses are may conducted over the internet.  As such, you will need access to a suitable computer or tablet device with a connection to the internet.  You need to have access to a webcam and/or video recording device such as a mobile phone. Most home computers are suitable.

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