New Book By Simone Rennocks, CEO of My Skills Australia

The secret formula for using Personal Branding to sell yourself

The Career Hack

Who is The Career Hack for?

The world of work has changed

In my job as a CEO over the past 20 years, I have read thousands of resumes. All from job-seekers just like yourself, wanting a new career, a higher-paying job, a job with stability or to work for an innovative community-conscious company.

My own personal mission is to promote learners who can learn,find productive work, make wise decisions and actively engagein their communities.

The Career Hack is simply a formula that will give you the exact edge you need to stand out and land that job. There is no doubt – the way we work has changed. So too have the skills we need to succeed in our careers. Digital skills,
know-how, problem-solving and automation are skills that, once learnt, will allow you to flow between different jobs, careers and industries over your working life. Transferable skills, often referred to as ‘soft skills’, include digital literacy, problem-solving,  collaboration, adaptability and creativity among others.

These skills represent the ability to collaborate in a virtual world and use rapidly evolving technology to solve problems.

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